7 Colorful Products Inspired By Midcentury Modernism


In her series Palm Springs, Dolly Faibyshev explores the colorful era of midcentury modernism in the eponymous Californian desert city. The daughter of Russian immigrants, she captures representations of the iconic American dream of owning a house–an idea that provokes commentary on the impermanence of today’s culture, reminding us of the power of nesting and planting roots.


Studio-Built Circular Mirror by Ghiro Studio / $22,000 / guyregalnyc.com


Jungle Leaves Wallpaper in Green / $188 (Double Roll) / katiekime.com


Carmen Miranda Earrings / $200 / int.mercedessalazar.com


Verdant Runner / $407 / kimseybert.com

Emil Wasabi Green Sofa / $949 / article.com

Lily of the Valley Brooch / $31,000 / verdura.com

Meadow Glen Table Lamp / $697.50 / bradburnhome.com