What To Expect In This CO Brand’s Shoppable Homes

ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN | BY | March 28, 2019
What To Expect In This CO Brand's Shoppable Homes

In 2016, when entrepreneur Alex Ryden was selling his bag brand, Age Carriers, from the living room of his Denver townhouse, he noticed that many customers had more questions about his sofa than his sleek, stylish bags.

Inspired, he swapped out his furniture for pieces from local makers, then opened his doors to shoppers who jumped at the chance to see how the furnishings looked in an actual home. A business was born: Today, Guest House decorates homes for real estate agents, developers and homeowners in Denver and Boulder, using locally made furnishings, ceramics, rugs and original artwork that evoke a relaxed modern lifestyle.

Local interior designers are tapped to create a unique look for each house, which opens to shoppers for weekend events and open houses until the property sells. Customers can make purchases on the spot or via Guest House’s website or Instagram. This spring, look for a shoppable townhouse on Boulder’s Pearl Street, plus goods from a fresh crop of local makers.


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