What This Gallery Is Hoping To Accomplish In SF

ART + CULTURE | BY | July 17, 2018


Chip Tom

Heather James Fine Art in San Francisco

“So much of why we wanted to establish a presence in San Francisco is because it’s a unique place with a hum of collective energy. We want to create a contemplative space that gives everyone a chance to slow down and interact with our art. San Francisco also has an established history of support for the arts. Collectors of this sort have always had the reputation of deferring to New York when making an important purchase. Overcoming that bias is something we believe we’re well-positioned to accomplish. To this end, we welcome the arrival of several paintings by Sir Winston Churchill this summer. The Bay Area is also amazing in its active participation in celebrating our country’s diversity. Another one of our goals will be to address that message of tolerance and understanding in our exhibitions.”

— CHIP TOM, heatherjames.com


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