Curator Tanya Bonakdar On Who’s Inspiring Her Now

ART + CULTURE | BY | February 4, 2018


Tanya Bonakdar

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York City

“I’ve recently discovered an artist whose work isn’t defined by any one cultural identity. Rather, Beijing- and Copenhagen-based Liu Shiyuan’s practice explores a kind of transcultural identity confusion. It consists of whimsical, satirical collages of de- and re-contextualized visual fragments extracted from her perusing the Internet and observing the post-human every day. As such, she speaks of an emerging–and, in ways, disoriented–generation surrounded by information that tells the story of who they are or what they ought to desire and thrive for. We are planning a solo show for her at the gallery in February.” — TANYA BONAKDAR


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