An Elegant L.A. Home Is All About The Details

HOME TOURS | BY | June 28, 2017

House Details

Style: Contemporary

Produced By: Lisa Bingham Dewart

Photography: Laure Joliet

Interior Architecture and Design: Janice Barta, Barta Interiors

Architecture: Philip Vertoch, Vertoch Design Architects Inc.

Home Builder: Garnik Badalyans, Taltech Construction, Inc.

Landscape Architecture: Randon Garver, Randon Garver Estate Gardens


illing a traditional home with traditional furnishings is relatively easy.

But once you start mixing different architectural backdrops with different furniture styles, it’s time to call in the pros.

That’s what happened when a couple built a traditional house in Los Angeles, bringing with them a few traditional and Asian pieces and a love of modern design.

Janice Barta, a designer who specializes in interior architecture, helped marry the styles to give the abode a classic-meets-contemporary look.

Her strategy? Create a layered look to give the illusion the house had been there for years — with newer, more contemporary furnishings added over time.

The architect, too, tweaked the home’s layout to allow for a more open floorplan, while still drawing focus to timeless elements, such as the curving stairway that greets guests in the formal entryway.

Rich materials, including the dark oak flooring, and comfortable pieces — much like the living room’s classic sofa — create a welcoming vibe that’s hard to beat.

Take a tour to see the dramatic results.