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ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN | BY | June 11, 2017
Aldous Bertram

WHO: The dapper Aldous Bertram, whose career in the pint-sized–he’s a miniaturist and model maker, to be exact–has proved antithetical to what he paints. Studies in the history of Chinese and English landscape design and architecture at the University of Cambridge poised the British artist for his profession as an interior designer with Lindroth Design.

WHAT: A frequent globetrotter, the Palm Beach-based creative shares his travels in the U.S. and abroad, snapping historical architecture, sculptures, romantic gardens and, of course, the occasional selfie.

WHY: Mindful that little details make the most impact, Bertram’s feed highlights such intricacies as latticework, tapestries and mosaic flooring, and includes fun facts about classic art and architecture.

“I think it is important that both artwork and interior design appeal to the unique character of the locality, which in Palm Beach is a blend of bright tropical living and a legacy for grand traditional building and decorating.”
-Aldous Bertram