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ART + CULTURE | BY | October 26, 2017
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WHO: After a career as a buyer/visual merchandiser, Kate Miller had a change of heart and went back to school to study textile design. As a result, she started Elworthy Studio, where she makes custom textiles and wallcoverings.

WHAT: Followers will get an inside look into new product and installation shots, from images that showcase textured fabrics and exotic patterns to room-transforming wallpapers.

WHY: Miller always knew she wanted to be her own boss but needed to cut her teeth at other companies first to hone her skills.

“I remember styling groups of mannequins in my early visual merchandising days, and my boss saying, ‘Make sure the mannequins are going to the same party.’ Little gems like this helped me develop my skills in color and composition, which translate to so much of my current work.”
Kate Miller

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