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WHO: Sydney Peterson and Cornelia Peterson, the mother-daughter co-owners of Sacred Thistle, a floral design studio and retail boutique near Denver’s Capitol Hill district, manage this dreamy feed that captures their dark, wabi-sabi style.

WHAT: Expect to see flowers–in sculptural arrangements and close-up shots–alongside new home accessories and even occasional hip-hop lyrics. As the duo describe, “We want it to feel dark, sexy and weird, like an art gallery of beautiful things.”

WHY: Initially a place to promote the floral-design business, the feed has become a space that offers inspiring ideas while inviting collaborations with other artists and creatives. “There is something so exciting about stumbling upon an account that just feeds your soul’s inspiration, and we strive to provide that,” say the pair.

“In person, flowers steal the show, but on camera it’s a whole new way of viewing them. If we’re skeptical of a design or have been looking at it for too long, we photograph it–and it’s as if we’re viewing it with a new set of eyes.”
-Sydney Peterson and Cornelia Peterson