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ART + CULTURE | BY | June 1, 2017
AWK Clayworks

WHO: Alyssa Westenbroek-Koster, a Boulder-based potter who handmakes platters, serving boards, vases and other clay creations through her ceramics business, AWK Clayworks.

WHAT: Instagram followers get a peek at daily life in Westenbroek-Koster’s barn studio. In-progress shots reveal the artist’s materials and process, while images of finished work highlight her minimal, contemporary aesthetic.

WHY: Westenbroek-Koster’s work might challenge your preconceived notions about pottery. She decorates graceful forms using a Korean technique called mishima, in which black lines and patterns are inlayed into the clay, rather than drawn on it.

“I want my feed to be as authentic as possible: The studio might be dusty, a piece might not have survived the firing process or my dog might be distracting me. I want my followers to have an idea of who I am as an artist. After all, in a sense, I am my work.”
-Alyssa Westenbroek-Koster