NC Streets Inspire Names Of This Sister Duo’s New Fabrics

ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN | BY | June 28, 2019

Launch: House of Harris

From sisters Charlotte Lucas and Liz Carroll comes Avenue II, the North Carolina designers’ sophomore collection of to-the-trade wallcoverings and fabrics. The brand itself, House of Harris, is a nod to their shared maiden name, while each motif gets its moniker from a street on which they’ve lived in Wilmington, Asheville or Charlotte.

Driven by memory (like a wallpaper in their shared childhood bedroom) and travel (such as afternoons spent riffling through vintage textiles at the Paris Flea Market), the playful patterns include Cambridge, a Liberty-esque floral in a total of seven colorways, and Baxter, a melange of leopards and tigers frolicking among palm fronds and lattice.

Lucas says the 33 SKUs combine her own bold color sense with her sister’s coastal-casual point of view. Each of the clay-coated wallpapers and linen fabrics is designed in-house, manufactured stateside and sold at showrooms such as A. Hoke Ltd. in Charlotte and Raleigh and Travis & Company in Atlanta.


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