Jorge S. Arango

Writer, New York

Which writers have inspired you? I am a big fan of the novels of Ethan Canin. Plus, Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children and Toni Morrison’s Beloved are, for me, two of contemporary literature’s greatest masterpieces. I also love the African memoirs of Alexandra Fuller; the way she exquisitely evokes the violence of that landscape is so intensely palpable. What is your favorite thing about design? Its endless creativity and reinvention–I never get tired of it. It’s all about beauty, color, proportion and form. That’s why I do styling work, as well; it taps my right-brain functions, while the writing is more left-brain. Most memorable interview for Luxe? I recently interviewed Jack Lenor Larsen, someone I’ve admired for 30 years and had never met. He is a legend in the worlds of textiles, art and gardening. Would we have been as enamored as we are of ikat today without him? I very much doubt it.