Kimberly Olson


Most memorable interview: I interviewed a couple who were high school sweethearts and had just built their Miami dream home. The design team created a space that was such a reflection of them, incorporating elements that evoked both their world travels and an indoor-outdoor feel, as well as adding a sound system for parties. The husband even designed some first-of-their kind, remote-controlled gas lanterns, which are now on the market–a true passion project. What’s your design style? I like classic pieces with a sense of history, but I also appreciate clean lines without too much fussiness–and I’m definitely not someone to shy away from color. I have a tufted-velvet sofa in a lovely lime green. No regrets! Prized possessions: A gorgeous Tiffany-style stained glass lamp that my father made for me and an old doll that belonged to my grandmother, which my parents had restored as a birthday gift. I’d include my cat, Ariel, but she rules the roost, so she might object to being called a possession.