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Lacy Morris


What do you enjoy most about design? The thing I love most about design is the story that it can tell. I gravitate toward spaces that have something to say about the owner: where they’ve been, what they like, who they love. Soulless spaces are not my thing, and I’m obsessed with creating a globally inspired home for myself. Whenever I travel I seek out smaller design stores, antiques and flea markets, and boutiques that feature local designers. My biggest design and travel pet peeve is people who buy kitschy souvenirs. Prized possessions: I’ve moved quite a bit while chasing my career. It’s exhilarating, but it also means I tend to clean house every year or two. So, if an object sticks with me, then it’s quite special. My favorites include a set of hand-carved olive wood bowls inlaid with bone detailing that I picked up while traveling through Africa, a vintage brass bar cart I drove three hours one-way to pick up off an antiques dealer, and a wall-sized map of the world. It wasn’t expensive and doesn’t have a fancy frame, but in all the places I’ve tried to make look like home over the years, it’s always occupied a wall. Favorite Luxe interview: Photographer and designer Martyn Thompson was a fascinating person to sit across a couch from. If his eclectic SoHo loft wasn’t inspiration enough, then his stories of moving to New York and finding his niche in the art world did the trick.