Madeline Weinrib’s New Rugs Are A Floral Fantasy

Madeline Weinrib Camilla

Sandal weather begs for something floral and flirty underfoot, and nothing suits our current mood better than the Camilla line of rugs–Madeline Weinrib‘s newest selection of cotton weaves. The collection offers an artful take on warm-weather bliss, underscored by graphic Mughal block prints and rambling blossoms inspired by the works of Italian artist Sandro Botticelli. With our secret garden reveries in full bloom, we caught up with Weinrib to talk about the line.

How was this new line born? What was the process like?

I worked with artisans in India. The rugs took more than two years to develop, as it’s particularly difficult to weave flowers into a flat weave. As you can see by the design, they are all fantasy blooms, not based on real plants. I had to create flowers that could take to the sharp edges and straight lines of the weaving process. However, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The colorways are so gorgeous! Tell us how you went about selecting the colors.

I love my cotton rugs to radiate happiness, and I achieve that with color more than anything else. My choices are very intuitive, playing with combinations to find something that feels more unusual. This collection certainly feels very spring and summery. I knew I wanted to launch the line as a spring product–just what people needed after a long winter.

The rugs are also very versatile. Any tips on how to style them?

I would certainly use my ikats with the carpets. They look quite beautiful together. I would use several ikat patterns as well, and really have some fun with it. My new spring/summer ikat, Ricard, taps into the same floral moment I was having while working on the Camilla line. That pattern also feels so joyful.

Where are you traveling next? Any design destinations we should keep an eye on?

My friend, jewelry designer Federico de Vera, is having an exhibition in the Philippines at the Ayala Museum, and I’m hoping to join him for the opening this fall. I’ve never been there, so I’m really excited to explore. I’ll also be traveling to London in September to launch my upcoming collaboration with Savoir Beds. London is one of my favorite cities. We often stay close by the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is always my first stop.