Mimi Faucett

Writer, Austin

My creative influences come from… Print magazines. Nothing gives me more creative joy than a favorite, familiar magazine still having the ability to surprise me. Long live print! Favorite book: Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington. Not only is the story inspiring, but the hot-orange cover makes this book coffee table-worthy. Top three things on your design wish list: I’m dying for a set of black linen sheets from Hawkins New York–what I consider to be the perfect summer bed set. I’m also currently obsessing over L.A. artist Bari Ziperstein’s quirky ceramic vases, and I’m steadily saving a spot on my wall for a face painting (or two!) from Sally King Benedict. Most fascinating person you’ve ever met: My grandmother, Nana. She’s someone who’s generous with time, laughter and sensitivity, but first and foremost, she’s a listener. It’s rare to get a story about her past, but when you do, it’s always fascinating.