Mindy Pantiel

Writer, Denver

What do you find most enjoyable about the design industry? I like the ongoing integration of the art world into interior design. And I don’t mean finding art to match a sofa, but rather designers recognizing that allowing art to make its own statement only enhances and elevates a home’s interiors. Favorite element of design: Architecture. I am forever in awe of a great architect’s ability to shape a building and create spaces that are not only livable but also have a context. As a consequence, I like furnishings and accessories that make strong architectural statements. Most memorable Luxe interview: I spoke with a homeowner who shared that her husband had fallen in love with an enormous boulder weighing several tons on their property. So, as a birthday present, the wife arranged for a crane to move it near the front door so he could see it every day. The architecture and design of the house were already wonderful, but this was a reminder that the best stories (and homes) involve this kind of personal touch.