Nature & Subtle Glamour Define A Portland Home

HOME TOURS | BY | September 17, 2017

House Details

Style: Traditional

Produced By: Lisa Bingham Dewart

Photography: David Papazian

Interior Design: Jennifer Leonard, Nifelle Design – Fine Interiors


asked for something colorful and beautiful, but that also worked with the natural landscape outside the windows,” says one of the homeowners of this 1997 abode nestled amid mature trees and overlooking the Cascade Mountains, Willamette River and downtown Portland.

Designer Jennifer Leonard‘s response? “Stay somewhat neutral, but with some sass,” she explains. “We had to work with all the lush greenery seen through the numerous windows and also the existing green counter and cabinetry in the kitchen.”

Drawing textures and motifs from the outdoors–birds, branches, grasses, flowers, leaves–provided a constant reference to nature in most rooms. But the theme is augmented with the mellow shimmer of rugs woven with silk, grass cloth threaded with metallic fibers, the discreet sheen of gilded metals, high-gloss lacquer and other materials and finishes that up the glam ante just enough to bring in the desired “sass.”

Some rooms tilt in one direction more than the other — the dining room is high on lustrous surfaces and sparkle, while the family room feels more down to earth — but the mix always results in an approachable elegance that matches the owners’ personalities “as comfortable, easy, fun and playful people to be around,” concludes Leonard.

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