Pamela Jaccarino

Editor In Chief

With a background in publishing, a love for design, and plenty of grit, Pamela Jaccarino huddled with a tiny team to develop and execute the successful launch of Luxe Interiors + Design in 2005. As VP, Editor in Chief, she sets the brand vision, leads (listens to, and learns from) a talented team of editors and art directors and brings her discerning eye to every page. She grew up in a well-decorated Colonial-style home on Long Island and loved to rearrange the furniture in her magenta-pink floral wallpapered bedroom; though she never fully appreciated, nor received a proper explanation, as to why a taxidermied bird and squirrel were part of the den decor (it was the ’70s, and worked, somehow). A practical dreamer who relishes the blank page, her charity of choice is the bricks-and-mortar art supply store, which she frequently visits and spends way too much money in. An avid artist, most late nights and weekends, she is content painting, Fauvism-style, in her art studio.