A Whidbey Island Home Gets A Modern Farmhouse Feel

HOME TOURS | BY | June 2, 2017

House Details

Style: Modern

Produced by: Lisa Bingham Dewart

Photography: Haris Kenjar

Interior Design: Brian Paquette, Brian Paquette Interiors

Architecture: Martin Henry Kaplan, Martin Henry Kaplan, Architects AIA

Home Builder: John Rogers, Gemkow Construction

Landscape Architecture: Randy Allworth and Brian Gregory, Allworth Design Landscape Architects


t can be easily said that design is not one size fits all. A home that would be overlooked by one family, can be the perfect space for another. Enter the Whidbey Island retreat with an unconventional design that immediately appealed to a Capitol Hill family.

“One of its advantages,” the wife says, “is that, architecturally, it doesn’t fit into one style. It’s quirky, and we wanted to elevate that and be intentional about it.”

The Washington home’s floorplan, however, left much to be desired. So, architect Martin Henry Kaplan worked with the project’s superintendent, John Rogers, to bring the home up-to-date, replacing the old staircase with a Kaplan-designed steel-cable version as well as tearing down walls that obstructed views of the water, giving it a more open layout.

As for the interiors, the homeowners desired a modern farmhouse aesthetic that was colorful and fun for the kids. Designer Brian Paquette delivered by incorporating such elements as a deep cerulean tone in the kitchen and colorful furnishings sprinkled around the home, among others.

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