The Latest San Francisco Decorator Showcase Wows

ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN | BY | April 27, 2018
It might take visitors a beat to enjoy the landscape, because all eyes will be on the home's exterior. The dwelling was once white, but artist A.J. Oishi and Simon Breitbard Fine Arts considered the walls a canvas and covered them with a jaw-dropping trio of gigantic concentric circles. Inside, there's a similar tension between the pull of the scenery through the large windows and the built environment. In the living room and dining room, designers decided to work in harmony with the views.

The 41st San Francisco Decorator Showcase makes history when it opens on April 28. Usually the event–which involves top Northern California design pros transforming an empty house for charity–sits high above sea level in neighborhoods like Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights and Sea Cliff. This year, the house is right on the water in the Marina District. It sits at 465 Marina Boulevard, which affords it stellar views of the San Francisco Bay.

The house will be open to visitors for one month (April 28 to May 28), Tuesday through Thursday and Memorial Day. Directions are easy: When you see the oversize circles, you’ll know you are at the right place.

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