Be One With Nature At These 3 New York Gardens

DESIGN RESOURCES | BY | August 28, 2019

Summer Rayne Oakes encourages city dwellers to get in touch with nature via her popular blog, Homestead Brooklyn, and her YouTube channel, Plant One on Me. She also has a new book, How to Make a Plant Love You, coming out in July. Here, she shares a few of her favorite New York spots to see some green.



“Two others would be the botanic gardens, both the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (left) and New York Botanical Garden. I grow a lot of indoor plants, and you can see a lot of those plants in the tropical greenhouses. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to the botanic gardens just to go to the grounds. I always check out the conservatories.”


“There are two plant shops in Williamsburg, where I live, that are worth checking out. One is Chelsea Garden Center, which is great for both outdoor and indoor plants. The other is Crest Hardware & Urban Garden Center. They have a great houseplant collection and back-garden area where you can buy outdoor plants, in case someone has a balcony, backyard or community garden.”


“A really great off-the-beaten track greenhouse is Wave Hill. It’s considered a cultural center in the Bronx, and it’s a great place to travel to. A lot of weddings happen there. They have public horticultural gardens that are really charming and beautiful.”

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