Terri Sapienza

Writer, Washington, D.C.

If I had a spare $20,000… I would use the money for a down payment on a small beach cottage. Favorite Luxe interview? My conversation with Arizona- and Chicago-based designer Kim Scodro about her own house was a total treat. She was so genuine and funny, plus very knowledgeable about design. I could have talked to her for hours–I think I did! What is your biggest creative influence? Travel. Stepping away from what I see and do everyday opens my eyes and reawakens my senses in ways that are always meaningful and necessary. Most exciting thing happening in design today? I’m always motivated by people who have the courage to take risks in order to do or create something they believe in. Whatever it is they do, it’s usually done with such passion that it ends up making a lot of other people happy, too.